Hugging You Blanket

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This idea is an act of love from my knotted heart. I have a dream to get as many of these blankets into the hands of people who are in need of a reminder that they’re not alone and they’re still surrounded by support and love, even during these difficult times. Proceeds from each blanket sold will go directly back into creating and donating blankets to healthcare workers (and their families) at the front lines of the COVID-19 fight here in America. As the wife of a physician, I'm feeling pretty helpless these days, I'm just doing my best to provide unwavering love and support to him, his colleagues, his best friends, his best friends best friends, their worried families, and so on and so forth. I also really wish I could hug my parents these days, so you better believe I'll be purchasing one for them. You can feel it in your heart, that person who could just use a hug and you wish more than anything you could give it to them (it might even be you, believe me I've also been there). Love can conquer fear, even from a distance. And I'm hoping it can be printed in the form of a blanket right here in my in-home screen printing studio. 

colors: deep gray with white imprint
details: this 62"x 78" throw blanket is a cotton/polyester blend that feels like the softest sweatshirt you have in your closet.  


    1. If you'd like for this Hugging You Blanket to be sent directly from my Live Dreams studio as a gift, please just provide instructions in the "Special instructions for seller" box and be sure to put the recipient's information in the Shipping fields during checkout. If you're planning on shipping to more than one destination, please do a separate transaction for each shipping address. Thank you so much!!

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