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100 days. 100 days!? We've been so busy living our dreams with you all that we rarely take time to formally reflect upon where we've been, where we're going, and what in the world we're learning along the way. Today, our 100th day since opening shop, seems like the perfect opportunity to sit down with Live Dreams owner and designer, Beth Jenkins, for a Q&A.

How are things going with Live Dreams?

I get asked this question all the time, and the best way I've found to answer it is, better than expected. Actually, so much better. We exceeded our annual sales goals within our first 60 days, the business has given me an opportunity to reconnect with some dear old friends, and I'm genuinely enjoying the work.

What's surprised you most?

Family. I've always known I've been blessed in this area, but I have a whole new level of appreciation. From my husband's unwavering support, to my sisters being my biggest fans, to my friends surprising me out of nowhere by purchasing my products, to my mom waking up at 3:45 a.m. the day before Mother's Day to help me host a pop-up shop in Elkhart, and my nieces (even my Dad, for that matter) being the face of our brand...I have been blown away.

But the family that's brought me to happy tears several times over the past few months is my volleyball family. I know I have some serious volleyball roots, but you people are nothing short of amazing. You have gifted Live Dreams its success — from interacting with us on social media, to letting me set up shop at your tournaments, to purchasing our products and wearing them with pride. Seriously. Volleyball people are salt-of-the-earth, hard working, loyal, beautiful people, and I'm so fortunate to be embraced by each and every one of you.

Tell us more about those faces we see representing Live Dreams on social media and Etsy.

Those beautiful faces are likely my nieces — Emerson and Lauren (and sometimes London, too!). Because of their young ages, I find myself extremely guarded about talking much about them, but I will say that I am extremely proud of the talented middle school student athletes they've become. Their excitement and desire to be a part of what I'm doing with Live Dreams has been so much fun. I couldn't ask for better product and design testers (or more beautiful models, let's be real).

What's keeping you up at night?

Mostly this baby boy bouncing around in my belly, but also I'm in the middle of designing our Fall Collection right now. Over the last few months, you all have given me so many valuable insights into what you'd like to see next from us, I just want to make you proud. But I also realize we can't be everything to everyone. Striking that balance keeps me up.

Also, I'm on a very serious hunt to find the perfect "tall tee" to use with a select group of our designs. It's way harder than I feel like it should be, but we'll get there.

What's next?

Wholesale. It's so very important for me to continue to control our growth. I don't want to grow so fast that we sacrifice quality, but I also want to catch lightning if/when lightning strikes. I'll be shifting my focus to finding those first few wholesale partnerships that can help me bring our products to you all more conveniently. I want to give you more opportunities to see our shirts in person, try them on, feel how soft they are, and take them home with you right then and there.

I'm also looking for opportunities to grow our family of social media #dreamers. I'd love to see more of you tag us in photos with your Live Dreams gear and I'm always trying to expose new people to what we're doing. I'm proud of the authentic social media presence we're building (don't get me started on the whole likes for likes and follows for follows game...I don't get it) and am so so so thankful to all of you that interact with us on a daily basis. You. Are. The. Best!

What are you doing to celebrate turning the big 1-0-0 today?

Mostly I'm pretending like someone's interviewing me and writing this blog post — I'll have a huge staff someday, I'm just sure of it :) But I also want to give back to all of you in what little way I can. Use code 100DREAMERS for $5 off any purchase in our Etsy shop throughout the weekend. I also have a 19-month old running around here that's super excited about playing with the balloons I used in today's photos, so I'm off to soak in her sweet smiles!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for what you've given me by embracing Live Dreams. You make everything beautiful.