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Live Dreams.
It's not simple and it's not easy, but when you get there it's totally worth it.

Many of my dreams have been inspired by my faith, my love for my family, my desire to be a part of something bigger than just me, and being the kind of person that works hard and makes other people's days better.

After ten years in the business world, I had the opportunity to become a mom (my ultimate dream) and stay home with my baby. I'm calling it a career commercial break and I love being able to spend my days by my baby's side. She's thriving. And although I wasn't sure if I would adjust well into this new role as stay-at-home-mom, I really have. But I miss having a creative outlet. I miss seeing a project from start to completion.

My first instinct was to redecorate my entire house, but that proved unrealistic and oddly unfulfilling. So I decided to teach myself how to design graphics — YouTubers, you seriously rock. My experience in the marketing and advertising industry definitely helped, but I now find myself spending my days* in Adobe Creative Cloud and WordPress instead of PowerPoint and Excel. *By days I mean ten minutes here and there when the idea strikes and my baby girl sleeps.

Am I still on a career commercial break? Yes. Am I still a stay-at-home-mom? Definitely. But I've now developed (and will continue to develop) a skill set that allows me to be a better version of myself. And it has brought to life the designs and products you see here on

Living your ultimate dream doesn't have to mean you leave the others behind. Identify your dreams. Work hard to make them a reality. Live them. And maybe take a piece of the Live Dreams collection along with you for the ride.

- Beth (Heimann) Jenkins
Owner & Designer